What is Rocks, Rips, & Reefs? The 3Rs is an education and safety program for Divers and experienced Snorkelers and Swimmers. Participants learn about various dives sites to get a better understanding of the underwater features and how tides and conditions may affect them and is beneficial to both the new Diver and experienced veterans.

The program includes an in-water tour of each site led by experienced instructors so participants can experience first-hand how to safely enter and exit sites, how to recognize hazards and how to etter handle themselves in emergency situations. The events are a lot of fun, a little bit adventurous, and a great opportunity to learn about various dive sites. Most importantly, the experience will help you be a better and safer diver no matter where you go.

To see more about the San Diego Council of Divers and the Rocks, Rips, & Reefs Program, please view the following video.

Also check out videos of previous 3Rs by clicking on the following links.

Sample video experience of Sunset Cliffs
And we also did the La Jolla Caves site and: Marine St. on Aug 8th

2020 Schedule of Events

The 2020 3R's season is being cancelled due to current restrictions.

Dear Members and Participants:

It is my sad duty to inform all of you that the San Diego Council of Divers met for our August Board meeting – at which time it was discussed and decided to officially cancel all of our previously scheduled 3R’s events for 2020.

Unfortunately, with all the uncertainty surrounding the Novel Corona Virus, everchanging public policy, and difficulties in orchestrating such events with public safety in mind – we felt this was the best choice.

We remain hopeful that 2021 will ring in a bright new opportunity – one where public access is restored, and we can once again engage our community with top notch diver safety programming. Keep your eyes peeled for updates on both our Facebook and San Diego Council of Divers pages.

Thank you all for your support and participation.


Joel Tracey
President – San Diego Council of Divers

At the 3Rs participants will learn to:

The 3Rs is free and open to the public. SCUBA certification is not required and experienced Snorkelers and Swimmers are welcome. Being a strong swimmer is advised. All events are on Saturdays and begin with registration and sign in at 8:00am followed by an orientation and safety briefing. The events last approximately 2 to 2 1/2 hours. Participants must register and complete a libaility waiver form. Participants must complete a registration and sign liability waiver forms for the Council of Divers. Participants under 18 must have the waivers signed by a parent or legal guardian. For your convenience, these forms may be downloaded here to be filled out and brought to the event.


What to bring:
Bring a mask, fins, and snorkel. A full wetsuit and gloves are strongly recommended for warmth and protection.  Weights are discouraged unless you are a strong swimmer or your wetsuit is extremely buoyant. Scuba gear (regulators, BCs, tanks, etc.) is not used during the 3Rs. Please check your gear before you arrive to be sure it is in good condition.

The events are provided for free and led by volunteers so donations are gladly accepted and are used only for the purposes of this program.  See the donation link below if you would like to contribute to the program.  Each event is hosted and refreshments are provided by a local Dive Club.

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